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Noel, 59 – Devon

Noel is one our of UR Models eldest clients and we can honestly one of most determined and successful Mature models. Noel has found huge success with TV & film extra work, high street fashion and is now working

Graham, 54 – Lincolnshire

Graham is a mature model from Lincolnshire. Having spent years working as a TV and film extra he wanted to make the move to the modelling industry whilst still undertaking work in the TV and film extra roles (You

Gavin, 30 – Blackpool

Gavin is one of UR Models newest members and we are so glad he got in touch with us three months ago, he has been a pleasure to work with and we can see big things for Gavin as

Luke, 32 – Bath

Luke 32 - Two years ago was when UR Models first met with Luke and helped him figure his strengths within modelling, with our modelling platform, advice and support Luke has now been one of our proud success stories.

Brad, 32

Brad, 32 approached UR Models in 2015 having always wanted to model but he felt that it was too late to start however with the right advice and a test shoot/model training at one of London's top fashion photography

Kevin, 43 – Surrey

Kevin 43- Had some experience in modelling as he was in the industry in late teens/early twenties but when he got married and had children his focused changed and so did his career direction. He approached UR Models 3

Rosemary, 51 – Suffolk

Rosemary 51 - It was late start for Rosemary but modelling had always been an ambition of hers and after many years not following her dreams she decided hitting 50 was the time to go for, a year ago

Tilly, 33 – Essex

After many years contemplating if modelling was for her, Tilly decided to register with UR Models 4 years ago to see what would happen - after all, there was nothing to lose but a lot to gain. In 4

Grace, 32 – Leeds

Grace 32 - Her journey began 7 months ago with UR Models and since then her career has progressed very fast. Listening to every bit of advice and direction has landed Grace some amazing work with a top designer

Anne, 36 – Macclesfield

Anne is one of the newest models to contact UR Models, having modelled in Ireland for years she has now moved to Macclesfield and is aiming to undertake modelling jobs across the UK, she is happy to travel for

Rachel – 36 Birmingham

Rachel approached UR Models in April 2014, having always dreamed of being a model but never knew where to start, until she approached UR Models. With the correct advice and direction Rachel is now working within high street modelling

Claire, 30 – Brighton

Claire 30 - After being referred to UR Models 3 years ago by a friend, Claire worked hard to listen to our expert advice and has shown a huge amount of determination to succeed in any task given. Claire

Tracey, 31- Scotland

Tracey had always wanted to do modelling but her steady career delayed her ever pursuing it until she was unfortunately made redundant a year ago and decided the time had come to start modelling. Tracey was very nervous and

Glenn, 38 – Manchester

Glenn had been researching Mature modelling and came across UR Models 3 years ago, he registered his details but due to work commitments he was unable to come in and see us for another five months, he always says

Deacon, 35 – Essex

Deacon came to UR Models a year ago and immediately knew the direction he wanted to go in with modelling and that was catalogue. He felt that this was part of the industry he could relate to, not wanting

Ryan, 36 – London

Ryan registered with UR Models and knew he wanted to pursue catalogue modelling as his direction. After a lot of advice and some studio practice Ryan has gone on to build a great career getting a lot of work

Gina, 38 – Hertfordshire

UR Models knows every aspect of the modelling world and with our unique modelling platform, we have been able to help many plus-size models become a huge success and Gina is no exception. Gina has reached the top spot

Lisa, 42 – Sussex

Lisa always wanted to be a plus size model but thought her age would stop her, a colleague of Lisa gave her the UR Models details and after some thinking time Lisa decided to go for it. We have

Sophia, 36 – Northern Ireland

Sophia was unsure if her age and size would stop her modelling but her sister registered her details with UR Models and we got in touch. We explained that the plus size and mature modelling industry is vast and

David, 41 – Channel Islands

4 Years ago David come to UR Models with a dream of being a mature plus size model and determination that matched. UR Models helped build David confidence in front of the camera and build a portfolio that has

Rita, 37 – London

Rita is UR Models newest model within the TV & film extras work but even though its only been 5 months Rita has already started making an income from TV & film modelling, UR Models cannot wait to see

Shirley, 61 – Ireland

Shirley is one of UR Models' eldest models within the TV & Film sector and we have had the pleasure of working with Shirley for over 5 years. From the start of her career Shirley always wanted to be

Andrew, 42 – Hove

4 years ago Andrew approached UR Models after finding us online, we spoke for some time before Andrew decided to take the plunge and come for a test shoot, where he completely came into his own and decided to

Mai, 31- London

Mai has been with UR Models for 2 years and even though things got off to slow start due to confidence, Mai is now highly successful with extra work. Over the years Mai's confidence has blossomed to such an

Grace, 32 – Leeds

Grace 32 - Her journey began 7 months ago with UR Models and since then her career has progressed very fast. Listening to every bit of advice and direction has landed Grace some amazing work with a top designer

Claire, 30 – Brighton

Claire 30 - After being referred to UR Models 3 years ago by a friend, Claire worked hard to listen to our expert advice and has shown a huge amount of determination to succeed in any task given. Claire

Graham, 54 – Lincolnshire

Graham is a mature model from Lincolnshire. Having spent years working as a TV and film extra he wanted to make the move to the modelling industry whilst still undertaking work in the TV and film extra roles (You

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The first question many of UR Models applicants want to know is how much can i make from modelling? We always advise new models to be realistic as fees can vary dramatically; usually, the more well known the brand is, the more you can expect to be paid. many freelance jobs will pay a fixed rate for the entire shoot and, sometimes, pay models figures that go into the thousands. Large companies are known to pay up to £10,000 plus. Other shoots will pay a fixed hourly rate; this can range from £75 to £250 per hour. Before you are booked for modelling a job, you will always be provided with the payment information as well as all the other details relating to agencies commissions the the style of shoot; it is then your choice whether you want to take on the job. If you are signed to a modelling agency, it is their role to negotiate on your behalf, and they will always get you the best rate possible.
No! The industry is far more diverse than it used to be. Here at UR Models we specialise in working with mature models that is anyone aged between 27 & 65 years of age. Anyone who wants to know how to get into modelling should contact our new faces department or apply using the application form above or below. A lot of brands and designers are now looking for realistic and relatable models to advertise their products this extends to models of all ranges remember its people our age that have the money to spend buying these products which is why brands and designers want models like us to promote them. That said there are still restrictions when it comes to high-end and catwalk models: models must be specifically 5 ft 9 inches plus and size 6 to 10, size zero models no longer reign the industry! Models of all shapes and sizes are now being put on billboards and gracing the pages of magazines. When thinking about how to get into modelling, you need to be realistic when considering the areas that you are aiming for.
UR Models is the only modelling platform in the UK specialising in mature models we have wealth of contacts within the industry making it easy for us to link you with the appropriate modelling agency.  Should one of the UR Models new faces team think you have what it takes to make it in the industry, we can help you access our database of connections. Our database of agencies and casting company contacts, rivalled by no other, covers the industry areas extensively and includes:
  • Fitness modeling
  • Teen modelling
  • Catwalk modelling
  • High Fashion
  • Commercial
  • Catalogue
  • Male modelling
  • Film and TV Work
  • Plus Size modelling
  • Promotional Work
  • Body Part modelling
Here at UR Models we believe exclusivity contracts are not as bad as they once used to be, gone are the days when agencies could charge a joining fee and you in a long term contract. So the answer is it's your shout you should never sign a contract you don't feel comfortable with should you choose not to sign an exclusivity contract you will be able to work on a freelance basis, as or sign open contracts with multiple agencies. The obvious benefit of this is that the more agencies you are signed to, the more work you will get.
The agencies on UR Models lists are completely professional this means as and when you get offered a job your agent will always give you all the information you need to decide if you want to accept that job they should have already got the best price possible for you then they should inform you.
  • What bracket the shoot falls into, e.g. commercial or catalogue?
  • Who (brand/designer) the shoot is for?
  • When and where will the shoot is taking place?
  • How long it is estimated the shoot will take in its entirety?
  • How much you will be paid excluding the agencies fees?
  • If there are any travel and hotel arrangements?
All Models will need a portfolio at some point while some agencies will just require a normal head shot to apply when going to castings and competing against other models for jobs the model with a good portfolio of work is much more likely to get the part. As stated while you may not necessarily require a portfolio to get signed, you will need one once you are signed or to obtain freelance work. A model’s portfolio is the industry equivalent of a CV, and it is therefore crucial to a model’s success. Modelling portfolios will show potential clients and casting directors your capability, diversity and look. The more that is shown in your portfolio and the stronger it is, the greater the opportunity to receive paid modelling work. modelling agencies generally require a model to arrange their initial portfolio or they will put one together for you at a fee. However, this should be a one-off investment, as models should receive images from every job they attend, therefore constantly replenishing their portfolio you can always speak to any of the team at UR Models on advice on the type of portfolio you should invest in to really optimise your chances of succeeding within the modelling industry.
No is the simple answer. It is against the law for a modelling agency to charge a joining fee a reputable modelling agency should be looking make there money from commission on the jobs you undertake. Charging a commission always pushes the agent to find you as much work as possible, as it means a bigger commission for them. Agencies often charge between 15% and 22% commission. Check out which type of model you are from the list below and contact UR Models for more advice on any of the above points.  
  • Fashion
  • Catalogue
  • Fitness Modelling
  • Plus Size
  • Hair Modelling
  •  Character Modelling
  • Test Shooting
  • Doubles
  • Hand
  • Catwalk
  • Bollywood
This is one of the most popular questions that we get asked here at UR Models many people normally ask this before finding out how much they will get paid for undertaking modelling jobs. The simple answer is for paid modelling work, travel expenses are generally covered by either the client or the modelling agency. However, this is not the case 100% of the time. Film and TV extras very rarely pay travel expenses. Before booking a job, details of travel expenses will always be given to you. Some clients will book travel arrangements for you and tell you where you need to be, while others will ask you to provide receipts of travel.
UR Models understand that many models have concerns about there safety and happiness when breaking in to the modelling industry; we understand that, which is why we are available to help you every step of the way through you and your modelling journey.

Reasons to choose UR Models:

  • One of only five star modelling platforms in the UK
  • The only modelling platform specialising in mature Models 
  • We are linked and owned by one of the UK's largest modelling platforms giving us access to a wealth of resources you would not find with the run of the mill platforms.
  • We employ ex-models who understand how the industry works and can help you every step of the way so you can benefit from our team’s experience and extensive knowledge of the industry to clarify key points for you.
  • We provide free model assessments including all costs except travel expenses

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Having a great online portfolio is an imperative tool for all aspiring models and will be something you will use throughout your career, it shows how well your look translates on camera and gives agencies & employers a glimpse into your model


A Portfolio is any models most important tool, it acts as your CV to the industry, containing your very best images. UR models know what makes a successful portfolio and we have helped many models reach huge success in the industry. When you

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UR Models knows that modelling jargon can often be very confusing and leave aspiring models unsure of what steps to take and what is needed to be a successful model. Our unique modelling platform and expert team are here to make the

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